Kiepflower believes in the beauty of chrysanthemums. ethically grown and free from harmful chemicals. Generations of expertise coupled with our passion for the industry means that we can grow sustainable and bee-friendly flowers without compromising on quality and intensity of production.

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About our team

Nico Kiep

Through Nico’s leadership of our internal organisation, Kiepflower has become what it is today. Nico’s passion for the business, from cutting to bloom, is fuelled by the belief in the customers wishes, growing flowers honestly and sustainably.

Albert Kiep

Commerce and the overall planning is Albert his job within Kiepflower. Graduated in IT, he has made the decision to work in this beautiful family business.

Lexie Kiep

As the company’s creative mind, Lexie relishes her role in overseeing and improving the aesthetic appeal of all aspects within Kiepflower.

History of the Kiep family


In 1931, Family Kiep established a modest farm of cattle breeding and the cultivation of strawberries and winter vegetables.


Around 1960, the first greenhouse was built for tomatoes and strawberries.


In 1970 were the first spray chrysanthemums grown in the recently expanded Hogeweg premises. They were an instant success.


In 1978 Kiep further expanded production capacity with the addition of the Southern Greenhouse on the Waalbandijk.


In 1984 the company made a complete switch to the year-round cultivation of chrysanthemums. That year a begin was made on the building of the first greenhouses at our current base location.


In 2011 Kiepflower revised it’s vision which lead to a renewed focus on the supermarket consumer and supplying retail-ready chrysanthemums. Therefore in 2012, an automatic sleeve machine was brought in to cater for this fast-growing demand.


The Kiepflower production facilities have grown from less then 1 hectare in 1960 to nowadays 11 hectares divided over 3 locations.


From 2019 onwards all our flowers are precooled. Depending on the varieties, the flowers are cooled back within 1 hour to 6 degrees celcius. This benefits the vase life greatly.


From August 2020 Kiepflower uses at her 4,5ha northern greenhouse LED lights from Hortilux. In this greenhouse we have now 80 μmol Son-t and 80 μmol LED lights.


KIEP in Touch

For more information feel free to contact any of our friendly team listed below.

Contact information:

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