The smallest possible footprint

Kiepflower is constantly striving to stay innovative and progressive in our growing processes and business operations. Our goal is to always look further than our marketplace certificates as we look to diminishing our footprint in every way possible. This becomes visible in our company’s positive attitude towards our corporate social responsibilities.


Kiepflower assures that our growing process does not impact on the environment. This is true for the present but also in the future. HOW
Kiepflower grows essentially emission free.


Having fully satisfied customers is our central commercial target. Kiepflower has a completely transparent supply chain which means that all materials and transportation are accounted for and factored into our formula. We choose for sustainable packaging and aim to educate our consumers in greener choices.


Mutual trust, respect and personal development of the personnel are qualities which Kiepflower is known for by it’s customers and employees.


For Kiepflower, it is crucial that the interests of People, Planet and Profit are secured within the business. Kiepflower holds no less than 2 certificates which proves our accountability to sustainable practises.


The supermarket consumer remains central to Kiepflower’s vision and mission. A floral display that surprises and intrigues you will guarantee the whole supply-chain margin and profit. In order to make this a success, transparency and mutual trust in the supply-chain is crucial.

Determining year-round assortment

When reviewing our assortment for the coming period the following aspects of a variety are evaluated:

  • Consumer data trends – seasonal changes, trends in fashion and design, national preferences
  • Bloom longevity on a vase
  • Sustainability in the growing process

Selection of the varieties is a cooperation between Kiepflower’s cultivation manager, creative team, the breeder and the provider and/or supermarket.

Growing and harvesting

  • Kiepflower grows our chrysanthemums practically emission free, thanks to the newest insights in environmentally friendly
  • With our fully automated systems, our cultivation manager can observe (and where necessary intervene in) the entire growing process. The planting and biological systems are for example fully robotised.
  • All data from our automated systems are gathered and reviewed on a daily or weekly basis. With this information, we keep grip on our processes.


  • The greatest portion of Kiepflower’s production is worked into retail-ready products on location in Nieuwaal.
  • We believe in a supply chain that is as-short-as-possible where all parties are valued and work together for the best possible outcome.
  • Kiepflower works exclusively in transparent supply chains. This makes it possible to track our chrysanthemums from planting to their arrival in the supermarket display.


  • All orders, sticker information and logistical tasks are generated automatically. This means that all information is saved and traceable at a later time.
Pure CO2 and the electrification of greenhouses
The energy supply at Kiepflower is an independent process. The various heat-sources are located in clusters and are fully automated. Because of this efficient design, the required fossil energy is reduced to a minimum. Essential raw materials for the production process, such as CO2, light and heat are produced in their entirety ‘in-house’. Through the use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), heat storage and flue gas cleaning this fits perfectly within our vision of "Corporate Social Responsibility".

KIEP in Touch

For more information feel free to contact any of our friendly team listed below.

Contact information:
+31 4 18 569 000

Retail specialists

Kiepflower specialises in the production of retail ready buckets. The capacity to prepare shelf-ready products relieves our customers of the burden to design, realise and produce mono, mixed and deluxe chrysanthemum bouquets. Check out the full range of possibilities Kiepflower has to offer by clicking the link below.

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