LED investment

LED investment enables optimisation in multiple areas Changes in the market forced Nico and Albert Kiep to focus on cultivating chrysanthemums with higher branch weights. Hortilux worked with the pair to develop a tailored grow light solution to meet their new needs. The end result was an expansion of the HPS grow light system with … Continued

Chrysanthemums turns lonely into laughing

Easter is usually a time for family and for being together with loved ones. During this unprecedented period of social distancing, many people are feeling the strain of isolation. This is all the more true for our older generations who spend their time almost exclusively indoors for the fear of the novel corona virus. Seeing … Continued

IPM 2020

At the end of January every year, international visitors flock to Essen in Germany for it’s annual IPM flori- and horticulture Exhibition. This year was Kiepflower’s second year exhibiting alongside the gerbera growers LG Flowers and this combination proved to be again a success. As pictured and commented in the BP Nieuws: “Albert drew the … Continued

Growers talking: Nico Kiep

2019 is set to be the year Kiepflower makes many steps in the sustainable direction. Further encouraged by our Dutch supermarket customer’s request for additional certifications has Kiepflower made it her goal to hang the “On the way to PlanetProof” certificate on the wall by the end of 2019. To achieve this, the following goals … Continued